Meet the Team

We are final year marketing students at NCI and Solis has been created as part of our capstone project but also with the idea of bringing our passion for yoga and sustainability to life. 


- Daniela  

Hi, I’m Daniela 👋🏻 I’m a co-founder of Solis, a company that brings together things that mean a lot to me, including Yoga, Wellness and Sustainability. I’ve been a yoga enthusiast since I was 16 years old, and yoga has changed my life and helped me to connect to nature which has increased my environmental awareness. That is why when the opportunity to work with sustainable yoga mats came to me, I had no second thoughts. I’m very proud to see how much Solis has grown so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.  


- Lauryn  

Hi there, my name is Lauryn, and I am a cofounder of Solis Cork Yoga Mats. My roles in the company include being the social media and supply manager.  I have a deep love for both fitness and overall wellbeing and I believe having the right mindset can get you a long way.  It was this deep love for fitness that gave me the opportunity to see the current problems traditional yoga mats have. These problems include having no grip, only lasting a short period of time, and holding on to sweat. It's these problems and so many more that have been resolved as a result of the creation of cork yoga mats. 😊 




"We hope Solis ignites excitement, courage, creativity, happiness and spirituality to our customers as well as focus on a sustainable future for all of us." 

Lauryn & Daniela 

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